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Oncore provides maintenance, repairs, installations, decorating and insurance claim services to both residential and commercial clients.

Here, you can find an abundance of advice and inspiration for your project, while finding out more about the work Oncore does. If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our local specialists, get in touch.

Should I paint my home or hire a professional?

As the saying goes, “DIY is in our DNA”. Innovation, independence and being self-capable are all traits that us Kiwis pride ourselves on - but with any DIY project there comes a responsibility to carry out work safely and, ideally, to a high-quality finish. So what are some things to consider before you paint the interior or exterior of your home? In this painting guide, we cover everything you need to know to get started.

How to repair a damaged wall

Holes in walls are easily come-by. Whether your kids managed to drive their bike into an exterior wall or a door was opened too quickly and left some interior damage, these things happen. The good news is, in most cases, fixing this type of damage doesn’t need to be a lengthy or complicated process. Interested in knowing more?

Does your rental meet Healthy Homes Standards 2021?

If you are a landlord or tenant in New Zealand, some changes are coming into effect which you should be aware of. From 2021 onward, new standards will be implemented in order to ensure landlords provide their tenants with healthy, safe and warm homes. We guide you through the newly introduced Healthy Homes Standards, as set out in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development’s Healthy Homes Standards.

Flood and water damage guide

Sometimes flooding and water damage is inevitable, other times it can be prevented. Here, you can find out about the different flood and water damage scenarios and how we recommend solving each one. We also cover how to prevent damage, what you should know about insurance claims, and what costs might be involved in repairing the damage.

What causes leaky homes - and what to do about it

Stop ignoring your leaky home! While leaks might only seem like a small nuisance, in the long term they can cause a lot of damage that might not be covered by your insurance policy. No matter how small the leak, if not repaired quickly it could result in mould, water damage, health hazards and expensive repairs.

What to do after a house fire

Experiencing a house fire is a scary and stressful experience. However, knowing how to handle the situation, should it ever arise, could make a world of difference. Knowing how to prevent a fire and having an insurance plan in place are so important. If you do or have come up against fire damage, and the smoke, as well as water damage that usually comes with it, we can guide you through what’s involved in getting it repaired. Accidents happen, so it’s good to know how to keep your home, yourself and your family safe when they do. Having your home catch fire is a terrible occurrence, but knowing what steps to take can save the situation from becoming a whole lot worse.

Ultimate Fence Repair Guide

Fences come in many different materials and styles. This article will show you the best ways to maintain and repair the most common fence types in NZ