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One in six Kiwis deal with respiratory issues caused by mould. In addition to more doctor’s visits, mould and bacteria can also increase the cost to heat your home, ruin carpets, and degrade drywall. By teaming up, Panasonic and Oncore are helping to be part of the solution.

5 minutes read By Katherine Johnson
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While New Zealand’s air quality ranks among the world’s top ten, Aotearoa also has one of the highest asthma rates in the world. Leading causes of asthma include pollen, mould, animal allergens, and respiratory infections such as cold and flu. The air outside may be clean and fresh, but due to poor construction, many of our homes are riddled with the above agitators. Healthy Homes standards have been put in place to try and improve conditions, but there are plenty of cost-effective solutions you can use to optimise your home’s air quality regardless of the results of an assessment.

Panasonic Air Purifier nanoe™ X Partnership

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In an effort to elevate the quality of air inside to that of the outdoors, Oncore has teamed up with Panasonic to bring high-quality air purifier installations to local home and business owners. As a Panasonic-approved installer, one call to Oncore makes it easy to turn your property into a comfortable, healthy space.

Panasonic’s newest offering, the Air-E NanoeX, is a sleek and understated air purifier that makes a great addition to any home or business. Its low profile appearance is similar to that of a smoke or carbon monoxide detector and the contemporary design suits any interior.


Parents, pet owners, the elderly, and those with chronic respiratory health conditions can experience peace of mind knowing the air in their home is free of harmful allergens and pollutants. The Air-E NanoeX even improves moisture retention in hair and skin; and it operates silently, so you can enjoy these benefits without disruption.

Not only does the Air-E NanoeX inhibit up to 99.9%* of viruses such as bird flu, influenza, coronavirus, and canine parvovirus, but it’s also a highly effective deodourizer. In commercial establishments such as bars, cafes, and restaurants, unpleasant smells are sometimes inevitable. The Air-E NanoeX eliminates odour-causing bacteria from food, garbage, bodies, and tobacco by releasing radicals which then decompose the offending molecules leaving behind clean, fresh air.

Oncore makes it easy

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Oncore’s comprehensive maintenance, installation, and repair offering makes it easy to address all of your property needs in one place. Oncore and Panasonic’s partnership streamlines the process even further. The ceiling-mounted Air-E NanoeX units are easily installed requiring minimal disruption to your home or business.

An Oncore Branch Owner can arrange the installation and source your Air-E NanoeX directly from Panasonic. If you want to combine this service with other maintenance or repair projects, we’d be happy to coordinate everything. The reason we say ‘one call does it all’ is because each Oncore Branch Owner has a team of skilled contractors and preferred suppliers — now including Panasonic — in their back pocket to ensure that no matter what your project entails, you can get it done at Oncore.


Want to improve your quality of life with Oncore and Panasonic?

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Arrange a no-obligation consultation with an Oncore Branch owner to discuss installing Panasonic’s Air-E NanoeX air purification system in your home or business. Just get in touch to get started today,

*Up to 99.8% of coronavirus and canine parvovirus, up to 99.9% of bird flu and influenza.