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Oncore’s Autumn Property Maintenance Checklist

Cooler temps are on the way so here are a few things to clean, check, inspect, and upgrade to prepare your property for the change in seasons.

5 minutes read By Katherine Johnson
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As the warm days become fewer and farther between, don’t waste them with property maintenance. Let us handle that!

Autumn Property Maintenance Checklist

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Keep your weekends for yourself, get in touch with a local Oncore Branch Oncore to arrange a consultation so they can assess your property maintenance needs and devise a plan moving forward.

Things to Clean Before Autumn

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Radiators & HVAC Systems

Over time, air can get trapped at the top of hot water radiators, blocking hot water from properly carrying heat throughout the radiator. The air must be released through a valve so the water can resume flowing. In preparation for the colder months ahead, we recommend checking and clearing out all of your radiators, hot water and steam, so they’re ready to go when you need them. This can get messy so it’s best left to the professionals, talk to your nearest Oncore team!

Garages and carports

Leaving your cars in the street or driveway is convenient during the spring and summer but you may want to utilise your garage for added protection against harsh winds, frost, and rain. Your local Oncore property maintenance Team can make repairs and install smart storage solutions for your garage or carport to keep the space organised and tidy should you need to shelter your vehicle.

Things to Inspect Before Autumn

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Gutter clearing and downpipe maintenance

When it comes to gutter maintenance the first instinct is to ensure they’re clear. While that is important, it’s imperative to their function and safety that gutters and downpipes are securely attached. Loose brackets can be dangerous and limit a gutter’s efficacy leading to leaks and water damage, so if you spot any broken fasteners, contact your local Oncore property maintenance team so they can address it ASAP.

Healthy Homes Standards

Engaging a Healthy Homes inspection can be done at any time of year. But unless you want to be making the necessary adjustments in the dead of winter, we recommend doing assessments in the late summer and early Autumn. After your inspection, your local Oncore property maintenance team can arrange the appropriate work to make your property compliant.

Things to Upgrade Before Autumn

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Interior Paint

Once the frost and wet weather arrive, leaving your windows open probably won’t be an option nor create ideal conditions, so take advantage of the mild weather to repaint your interiors. This goes for landlords and homeowners alike. If tenants have vacated, use the opportunity to address any imperfections in your property's paint.

Air filtration Systems

Without fresh air flowing through your home, condensation and dampness start to build up within your home during autumn’s chillier months. Mould, bacteria, and respiratory infections are the leading causes of chronic health issues for Kiwis. Installing an air purifier can filter out up to 99.9% of viruses and odours, leaving your home with fresh, high-quality air. Get in touch with an Oncore Branch Owner to learn more.

Oncore’s experts are here to help you prep your property. Just get in touch with your local Oncore team to learn more to arrange an initial consultation during which they will visit your property and assess your maintenance needs.