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Oncore’s Winter Property Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few ways our Oncore Branch Owners can help improve and prepare your home for winter.

5 minutes read By Katherine Johnston
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Clean, check, inspect, and upgrade; here are a few ways our Oncore Branch Owners can help improve and prepare your home for winter.

Things to Clean Before Winter

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Fallen leaves and debris collected in your gutters throughout the year can overwhelm their load-bearing capacity, harbour rot-causing bacteria, and lead to leaks and other forms of water damage. We can prepare your home for the cold, rainy winter months by unblocking and repairing gutters, downpipes, and drains to avoid potential hazards.

Fireplaces, Fans, and Filters

A low-emission wood burner keeps your home warm and dry and is a crowd favourite to create a cosy atmosphere over the winter. But the soot that builds up in your chimney over time is not only a fire hazard but can release deadly toxins into the air. Debris can also build up in heat pumps, fans, and filters as well. Put your mind at ease and keep your family safe with professionally cleaned chimneys, heat pumps, extractor fans, and range hood filters.

Things to Check Before Winter

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Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are especially important during the winter months when fireplaces and heating systems are being used more frequently. Check the batteries in the devices throughout your home and replace them as needed. There should be a smoke alarm in each bedroom or within three metres of each bedroom door, and at least one on each level of your home.


Water can seep into the tiniest cracks in your roof, and should that water freeze, the cracks become even bigger, leading to leaks and extensive water damage. Stop this problem before it starts by regularly checking for loose shingles or cracked tiles on your roof. An Oncore Branch Owner can help with all aspects of roof replacement in preparation for winter.

Things to Inspect Before Winter

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Outdoor Areas

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it’s important to assess whether your outdoor areas are in good condition to prevent accidents during the dark and icy winter months. Waterblasting slippery outdoor paths and wooden decking; installing outdoor lighting to illuminate driveways and steps; fixing broken gates and fences are simple ways to avoid slips, falls, or damage and keep your loved ones safe.


Effectively insulated homes are warmer, drier, and less expensive to heat. This includes tight seals on your windows and doors which prevent heat from escaping and cold draughts from getting in. Furthermore, as part of the Healthy Homes initiative, it’s a requirement for all rental units to have both ceiling and underfloor insulation. Oncore provides inspections and can execute the necessary improvements to your property to ensure it is Healthy Homes compliant.

Trees and Branches

Large trees and overhanging branches are a leading cause of damage to property during winter storms. An Oncore professional can visit your property to assess and identify potential hazards. We can also trim trees and hedges, remove dead or weak branches, and help you prepare for the chilly months ahead.

Things to Upgrade Before Winter

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Double-glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are a worthwhile year-round investment, but more so in the winter as they keep your home warm and dry, and increase its energy efficiency. But did you know that you don’t need to replace your windows to double glaze them? Our maintenance specialists provide retrofitting which involves double glazing your existing windows.

Central Heating

Installing central heating throughout your home is the most effective way to keep the indoor temperature consistent. Many central heating systems can even be controlled through an app. But if central heating isn’t right for you, we install other heating features like underfloor heating and heated towel racks to make your daily life more comfortable.

If you need help winterising your home, get in touch with the maintenance experts at Oncore.