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Oncore’s Summer Property Maintenance Checklist

Here are a few ways our Oncore Branch owners can help make sure your property is in tip-top condition so you can spend your summer relaxing.

5 minutes read By Katherine Johnson
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With the prospect of days ahead filled with surf, sun, and sand, home maintenance may not be at the forefront of your mind. And it doesn’t have to be! That’s our job.

Things to clean

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Porch and Patio

Prep your porch and patio for summer parties and increased use. Unsightly mould, mildew, algae, and moss make surfaces slippery as well. But that’s nothing a good power wash and treatment can’t fix! An Oncore Branch Owner will get that sorted in no time so you and your guests can enjoy a safe and clean alfresco space.

Heat pump and AC

Heatpumps work in reverse when turned from heating to cooling mode, drawing heat and humidity from within your home and forcing it outside. Prepare your heat pumps or aircon units for a busy cooling season by ensuring the filters are clean. You may also discover that your device needs a service, always a smart idea to increase its longevity.


As leaves and debris break down, they harbour bacteria which grows faster in warmer months. This rot-causing bacteria can wreak havoc on your gutters, downpipes, and drains. Gutters should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year. If summer rolls around and yours haven’t been cleared of winter’s build-up, give Oncore a call.

Things to check

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Hot and dry summer months signal an approaching drought season. Assess your landscape and make sure you’ve prepared by clearing any dry brush. Take extra fire-safe measures in particularly dry/hot regions. It’s recommended that any debris and potential fire hazards should be at least three metres away from your home.


Garages are an often overlooked aspect of home maintenance yet they’re susceptible to damage throughout the year just like the rest of your home. Check out the door, chain, hinges, window catches, and floor for any obvious signs of moisture, wear and tear. Oncore can help with any repairs to ensure your garage remains weathertight and secure.

Things to inspect

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Irrigation Systems

Your local council may put water mandates in place at some point throughout the summer season. Checking that your irrigation systems are in working order eliminates the risk of water wastage and erratic delivery to your plants. A blockage or leak in your sprinkler can be detrimental to your lawn and garden, so if you’re having issues, give Oncore a call. We can help.

Potential Projects

Since summer is a great time to get outdoor projects out of the way, take the time to inspect your property for opportunities - or potential problems. Window installations, replacing paver walkways, restaining timber decks, and sealing driveway potholes are all ideal projects to execute while the weather is warm. Let Oncore take over so you can enjoy the summer months.

Things to do

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Water blast Paths and Driveways

Regular water blasting prolongs the lifespan of paved areas such as paths and driveways. The process removes minerals, build-up, car liquid leakage, mould, and mildew, not to mention it keeps your property looking clean and tidy! But if you’re reluctant to spend your weekends water blasting, leave it to the professionals at Oncore.

Repair Fences and Gates

Fences and gates are at the front lines of your property’s safety and security. One weak spot undermines the entire structure. Repairing fences and gates is imperative around pools; a broken gate can lead to a lapse in council compliance which, if noticed, can incur a hefty fine. But more importantly, it negatively impacts pool safety. Keep your backyard, property, and family safe and secure with Oncore.

Enjoy your summer. We’ll take care of your property.

We’re the property maintenance experts, after all. For professionally managed property maintenance you can count on, get in touch with your local Oncore Branch Owner.