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Enjoy fewer distractions with soundproofing by Oncore and Autex Acoustics

The list is long, but the most common issues related to noise pollution are stress, distraction, and decreased productivity. If you’re one of the many businesses or homeowners whose environment is negatively impacted by excessive noise, Oncore and Autex are here to help.

5 minutes read By Katherine Johnson
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Businesses throughout New Zealand including cafes, bars, restaurants, commercial buildings, shared office spaces, retail shops, and managed properties are plagued with the daily frustrations of noise pollution. We’ve all had a neighbour who has mowed the lawn a bit too early, but what does noise pollution look like in a professional setting? For reference, a casual conversation registers around 60 decibels (dBA). And a chainsaw? About 100 dBA. Now, imagine employees trying to work in a shared CBD office space that’s adjacent to a noisy restaurant (80 dBA) or a retail store owner trying to close a virtual deal in their office while there’s construction outside (up to 120 dBA). With all the distractions, it’s nearly impossible to get anything done.

Partnering with Autex

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Oncore and Autex Acoustics have teamed up to offer smart commercial and residential soundproofing solutions that help increase productivity and improve customer retention.

One call does it all at Oncore, and since partnering with Autex, we’re proud to add their high-performance acoustic panels, screens, and bespoke soundproofing treatments to our already comprehensive list of installation services.


Quiet down noisy environments


Quiet down noisy environments

Autex has an impressive line-up of products with a variety of applications, varying degrees of noise reduction, and a range of aesthetic options to fit any decor and situation. From acoustic timber wall panels to 3D ceiling tiles, Autex’s fantastic array of architectural, modern, subtle, and eclectic styles can blend in or stand out in any environment.

In addition to being beautiful and effective, the range carries a ten-year Manufacturer’s Guarantee. Autex has also reached a number of sustainability milestones including a zero waste production line, reduced raw material usage, and most recently, carbon neutrality through global operations.

Stress-free installation

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As an Autex-approved installer, Oncore can execute the entire soundproofing process for you using our streamlined approach. Autex and Oncore’s quick and easy installation ensures limited disruption to your business, home, or rental property.

An Oncore Branch Owner will guide you through the process from the initial consultation to the final product so you know exactly what to expect including estimated costs and projected timeline.


There’s no need to worry about coordinating the right professionals for your job either. Each Oncore Branch Owner works within an established network of experienced maintenance specialists and preferred suppliers from which we source premium materials for our projects and we’re proud to now add Autex to our network.

Hear less and accomplish more with Oncore and Autex

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Get in touch with a local Oncore Branch Owner to discuss which Autex acoustic solution is right for your space. Arrange a no-obligation consultation and start your journey to a more peaceful and productive environment.