Rynard’s background and experience in the insurance restoration and property management industry comes with a track record of achieving project completion while adhering to strict budgets and maintaining exceptional quality standards. It’s therefore no surprise that as an Oncore Project Manager, his clients are in good hands.

Throughout this career, Rynard has demonstrated an ability to effectively communicate with insurance adjusters, clients, contractors, and stakeholders, to ensure a cohesive and collaborative project environment. Furthermore, his proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge project management software and technology tools has enabled him to optimise project tracking, reporting, and resource allocation.

Rynard is committed to delivering the trusted and reliable value that Oncore is known for. This, combined with his educational background and hands-on experience, means clients seeking home maintenance service in Orewa are guaranteed exceptional service.

If you’re looking for general home maintenance or you need to liaise with insurance providers to fix damage to your home, Rynard is your point of call.

Get in touch to arrange an initial consultation.

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