Homeowners in Auckland Central who have experienced the devastating effects of flooding and water damage know, better than anyone, the challenge of determining what steps are needed to clean up. At Oncore, we’re here to do the heavy lifting and alleviate the overwhelming feelings that come with recovery from severe flooding.

For help with a wide range of flood restoration services throughout Auckland Central get in touch with an Oncore Branch Owner to get started.

Why work with Oncore for your flood restoration?

Recovering from a flood is stressful enough before even thinking about what needs to be done and who’s going to do it. At Oncore, we understand the importance of efficient, stress-free, home maintenance and repairs. That’s why our motto is ‘one call does it all’.

Our Oncore Branch Owners act as project managers, but they also provide robust customer support throughout your entire experience. From organising skilled contractors to sourcing premium materials from an extensive network of preferred suppliers, whatever your flood restoration needs, we’ve got you covered.

Getting in touch with a maintenance specialist as soon as possible is essential during flood recovery. After contacting Oncore, we’ll return your inquiry within two business days so we can get your flood restoration started to avoid long-term damage.

What to do if your property has flooded

In the immediate aftermath of a flood, safety is your top priority. You can learn more about the suggested precautions and find helpful resources here.

When you’re ready to start the process of restoring your property after a flood, make sure you take photos of any potentially damaged assets before you clean or move anything. You’ll need to show these to your insurance provider.

Next up, focus on drying porous materials such as furniture, carpets, rugs, and clothing. You can do this by bringing mobile items outside. Fans and dehumidifiers are helpful to improve ventilation and dry out large or stationary items such as walls and cabinetry.

You can get in touch with an Oncore Branch Owner at any time throughout the process. Our team is happy to work with you to restore your Auckland property.

What flood restoration services does Oncore provide in Auckland Central?

While flood damage doesn’t discriminate, it does affect properties differently. To ensure we can provide comprehensive maintenance coverage no matter your situation, we offer a wide variety of flood restoration services throughout Auckland Central.

Our flood restoration services include:

  • Flood restoration
  • Flood debris removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Home flood damage repair
  • GIB plasterboard replacements
  • Flood damage insurance works
  • Remedial work on a house
  • Carpet water damage
  • Mould removal/remediation
  • Floor replacements
  • Reconstruction

How much will it cost for water damage restoration in Auckland Central?

We don’t provide blanket pricing; each project is unique and we price accordingly. But you’ll always receive a fixed quote prior to starting work so you can make well-informed decisions moving forward. Factors that impact the cost of water damage restoration include the size of the affected area, the severity of the damage, and the type of materials that need to be replaced or restored.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Oncore Branch Owner.

Can you claim water damage on home insurance?

It depends on your policy; before making a claim, double-check to see what’s covered. At Oncore, we’re happy to work with your insurance company by providing insurance quotes for the proposed scope of flood restoration services.

Call for emergency restoration

Trust the maintenance and repair experts at Oncore in Auckland Central to help get your property back on track with quick, efficient, and high-quality flood restoration services. Give us a call to get started.