Owning a property can come with curveballs, like fires or floods that can create a significant amount of damage. Luckily, property insurance provides a safety net for these situations so you can get your building repaired without stress.

At Oncore, we specialise in reinstatement work for residential and commercial properties. Our home insurance repair services include everything from repairing a fire damaged house to completing remedial roofing work for storm damage. For commercial property insurance repairs we can assist with industrial-scale ceiling water damage repairs, storm damage, and more.

At Oncore, our insurance repair builders can help, no matter how complex the project. Get in touch with our team today.

Your Oncore consultant will be your single point of contact, from conducting a thorough inspection and providing you with a comprehensive report that you can share with your insurance provider, to ensuring every aspect of your home's repair is completed to a high standard – A complete one-stop-shop!

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