Oncore is here to make property maintenance stress-free. That goes for insurance reinstatements too. Although this family was badly affected by Auckland’s devastating floods, Oncore helped them transform their interior into a beautiful and cosy new living space.

Floor restoration begins

Data from the 2023 floods in Auckland showed that the Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa Ward had the highest number of red-stickered properties, making it the hardest-hit suburb in the city. Luckily for the family, their Mount Roskill home wasn’t one of the nearly 1,500 to receive a red sticker; however, it did sustain considerable water damage throughout the ground-floor level.

Natural disasters are traumatic experiences that don’t stop once the weather clears up. Like thousands of other Kiwi families, this family had to begin the complex flood restoration process, but Auckland Central Oncore owner Jeremy Lowe was there to help them navigate this stressful situation.

Detailed planning

After conducting an in-depth consultation, Jeremy surveyed the Mount Roskill property to get a clear understanding of what he was working with. The ground floor was severely damaged; everything throughout the kitchen and bathroom needed to be replaced including the flooring, gib, cabinets, insulation, stairs, framing, and joinery.

Since this was an insurance reinstatement project, thoroughness was vital so that Jeremy could provide an accurate estimate for the Godfreys to include in their claim. Knowing what to expect during this process is difficult; it’s not something many people want to go through.

With the family having to start over from scratch, Jeremy arranged multiple showroom visits to allow time to browse kitchen materials and floor coverings and make selections for the new design.

Before - Case Study - Post-flood Insurance Reinstatement in Mount Roskill, Auckland After - Case Study - Post-flood Insurance Reinstatement in Mount Roskill, Auckland

Cost estimate and construction

Jeremy’s estimate for the full scope of work came to $141,000 which included everything from demolition to finishing work and waste removal. Once he got approval to move forward, he coordinated a team of professional contractors and specialists to execute the restoration. With all damaged materials removed, new insulated walls went up, followed by stopping and painting. The team worked efficiently to rebuild the stairs and install new flooring - tile, laminate, and carpeting. Everything in the kitchen and bathroom was freshly installed, from the vanity and cabinets to the appliances, fixtures, and finishings.

Despite their best efforts to deliver the project on time, there was a supplier issue with the new doors. Jeremy worked diligently to remedy the situation and keep the rest of the project on track. Ultimately, the delivery hold-up pushed back the final timeline, but the crew was able to continue working elsewhere to minimise further delays. When the project finally wrapped, the grand total came in at $146,000, close to the estimate and well within the $150,000 budget.

Final project delivery

Managing a team of plumbers, tilers, and other contractors is stressful in the best of circumstances. But in the wake of a flood, tension grows, and the pressure can be overwhelming. That’s why Oncore is here. Our process was designed to help homeowners with property maintenance and allow them to focus on other things.

In the case of this Auckland family, Jeremy provided a fantastic result in terms of both a beautiful design and a stress-free experience. Taking the homeowners to showrooms and allowing them to thoroughly consider their options resulted in a timeless and welcoming design for their living level, one that has made transitioning into their new space a real pleasure.

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Jeremy Lowe
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