Keeping your property up to Healthy Homes standards is mandatory for all New Zealand rental homes. For property owners, the process of achieving compliance can seem time-consuming and complex, but it doesn't have to be.

At Oncore, we offer to conduct your Healthy Homes Assessment and provide any professional services required to bring your property up to code. Our inspections are thorough, and our assessors are knowledgeable. For a quality Healthy Homes inspection, get in touch and arrange your property’s assessment.

What is a healthy home?

A healthy home is a property that’s constructed and maintained to support the health of its occupants. To ensure everyone in New Zealand is living in a healthy home, the government has established a set of standards that all rental properties must meet. The main factors considered: heating, insulation, ventilation, draught stopping, and moisture ingress and drainage.

While only rental properties must comply with healthy homes standards, it’s wise for all property owners to ensure their own homes meet the standards too. If not for the health of your household, do it to increase your property’s value and extend its lifespan.

What is a Healthy Homes Assessment?

In New Zealand, a property needs to pass a Healthy Homes Assessment to be deemed an official healthy home. The evaluation itself is a simple property inspection. To get the tick of approval, your property must comply with the current requirements for quality heating, ventilation, insulation, draught stopping, and moisture and drainage.

How does Oncore’s Healthy Homes Assessment work?

At Oncore, we’re proud to provide professional Healthy Homes Assessments across New Zealand. Our inspection service involves thoroughly evaluating your property’s heating, ventilation, insulation, draught stopping, and moisture and drainage.

Should your property require any services to meet Healthy Homes standards, our extended network of trades professionals is here to help. We can organise and manage any maintenance, repairs, or installations necessary, making the entire process of achieving compliance completely effortless.

Our Healthy Homes Assessments inspect:

  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture ingress and drainage
  • Draught stopping

Arrange an assessment today!

We provide quality Healthy Homes Assessments in Auckland Central and across the greater region. You can trust our professionals to conduct a thorough inspection and coordinate any services required to bring your home up to code. Simply get in touch to book an assessment.