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Does your ventilation meet the Healthy Homes Standards?

Your rental property will need to meet the standards by July 2021. If you’re not sure if your property’s ventilation is up to standard, Oncore can help.
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What does the Ventilation Standard cover and how can we help you meet it?

Areas, including bedrooms, lounges/living rooms and dining rooms, must have openable windows. Bathrooms and kitchens (or rooms with a bath, shower or cooktop) must contain an extractor fan with external ventilation.

Oncore can provide you with a home inspection to ensure your rental property meets the Healthy Homes ventilation standards. If it is currently not up to standard, we can provide you with a high-quality ventilation installation.

  • Why do I need ventilation?

    Ventilation helps to keep moisture out of your home - preventing mould and long-term damage. It also enhances the air quality of your home and helps to keep the interior warm and dry.

  • What types of ventilation are there?

    Common types of ventilation in New Zealand include positive pressure systems, heat recovery ventilation, balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation and, of course, extractor fans. However, not all of these systems will meet the Healthy Homes Standards.

  • Does my bathroom and/or kitchen require an extractor fan?

    Every bathroom and kitchen should include an extractor fan which is large enough to adequately ventilate the space. An Oncore specialist can advise you on what will work best within your rental property.

  • Should I use a professional to install my ventilation?

    Hiring a professional is recommended. While electrical work should always be carried out by a qualified and registered electrician, having your ventilation completely installed by a professional will ensure it comes with a warranty.

  • Who will this impact?

    These new ventilation standards will impact landlords and their tenants and will be beneficial to both. Good ventilation will protect your property against mould and your tenants against related health conditions.

  • When do these changes to a property need to be in place by?

    Landlords will be required to meet the standards by 1st July, 2021. This excludes tenancies under Housing New Zealand and registered community housing providers, who must meet the standards by 1st July 2023.

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Learn more about our ventilation services

Balanced pressure ventilation system

These systems include a heat exchange unit, which helps to reduce heat loss.

Balanced pressure systems use two fans: one to expel air from the home interior while the other brings fresh air in from the outside.

Wall insulation

In the same way as ceiling insulation does, wall insulation creates a layer against outside temperatures.

Rangehoods must be distanced between 650mm - 900mm from a cooktop to meet the standards. An Oncore specialist can provide guidance on whether or not your current installations meet the Healthy Homes Standards.

Underfloor insulation

Underfloor insulation makes getting out of bed that much easier on cold winter mornings.

It is recommended as the follow-up priority, after insulating your ceiling. It is also compulsory under the Healthy Homes Standards.

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