Oncore - The key to faster, smoother jobs

Unique franchise opportunities.
Continued support.
National partnerships.

Oncore is looking for natural leaders to manage teams of maintenance professionals.

Why you should choose Oncore

  • We are New Zealand’s go-to maintenance and repairs company.
  • Our national and regional partnerships provide a steady stream of leads.
  • Trusted by insurance companies and property managers.
  • Part of the international Refresh Renovations & Zones Landscaping group.
  • Delivering more professional, efficient, customer focused, cost effective and stress-free jobs.

Oncore aims to be the leading provider of repair, maintenance and insurance claim work in New Zealand. With strong nationwide partnerships and renowned customer service, your business will come with an inherently strong brand, leading to a higher amount of leads and income than most businesses starting from scratch.


Oncore offers both residential and commercial repairs, maintenance and installations. Examples of our work include home repairs, building maintenance, painting, roofing and door and window replacements. Oncore provides solutions for whatever maintenance issues a homeowner may be facing.


Oncore is a standout in its field due to its partnerships and processes. Our pre-existing partnerships with insurance companies and property managers mean that their customers are accustomed to enjoying a high quality service, and your business will start out with an in-built customer base.

Providing high quality, reliable service

Our nationwide network of franchise businesses ensure customers receive a consistent and professional service.

Problems Oncore solves
  • Unreliability
  • Homeowners managing multiple tradespeople
  • Disappointing work quality
  • Poor customer service
  • Over time and over budget
How Oncore solves them
  • Oncore responds quickly and completes jobs on time and on budget
  • Our professional business managers act as your single point of contact
  • Experienced project managers ensure excellent results every time
  • Oncore specialists provide customers with a professional and reliable service
  • Our systems, processes and people deliver jobs on time and on budget

Exciting Growth Potential

We estimate that each Oncore franchise will reach their full maturity within 5-6 years. The following is an example of an individual franchise owner’s growth potential.

Exciting Growth Potential Exciting Growth Potential

*Please note: This chart is based on assumption and is in no way guaranteed by Maintenance Franchise New Zealand Limited. We recommend discussing the growth potential of an Oncore franchise with an independent advisor.

The value of becoming an Oncore franchisee

Traffic Team
Part of the Refresh group

Oncore is owned by Traffic, New Zealand’s specialist group in business strategy and marketing. In 2011 Traffic launched Refresh Renovations, followed by Zones Landscaping in 2014. Both companies have completed over 1,000 projects using a unique project management process and are industry leaders. Oncore is designed to compliment the services offered by Refresh and Zones, leaving customers with an all round positive experience.


World class systems and processes
World class systems and processes

Our world class systems and processes are what make Oncore stand out. After a fast call response, Oncore specialists meet with clients for a consultation. Once the client’s home maintenance needs have been discussed the specialist will provide a quote and arrange for a contractor to complete the project. Customers can use an online portal to keep up with payments, dates and important information.

A growing business asset
A growing business asset

With Oncore, the sky’s the limit. Once you have established your business, there is no restriction to how large it can grow. The upfront costs are small and you have the ability to invest in your business as it grows, with no upfront fit out or premises costs required.

Franchise opportunities around New Zealand

  • Amazing opportunities available throughout New Zealand
  • Enter a $2.6 billion market with fantastic potential
  • A small upfront franchise fee of $50,000
  • Full training, support and coaching given

Success Stories

When you partner with Oncore, you'll join a group of seccessful business owners from a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. In the videos below, some of our existing franchisees share their story on how they transitioned into Franchise ownership and how they built their seccessful businesses.


We have a proven track record

Traffic has an International track record in market development and business growth. Meet the people behind Oncore and our other success stories - Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping.

Dan Vincent

Dan Vincent

Dan is the Managing Director of Oncore. He holds over 20 years experience in creating, developing and selling businesses and has worked within the international financial services industry for more than 10 years. He holds multiple degrees in marketing, management, political science and public relations.
Chris Caiger

Chris Caiger

Chris' high level of experience in marketing and business development led him to co-found Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping, alongside his other fellow Traffic directors. With over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development, Chris has significantly contributed to the global success of Refresh Renovations.
Barry Bloomfield

Barry Bloomfield

Barry is the co-founder and director of design for Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping. He holds a masters degree from the Royal College of Design in London and has worked with many of the world's most well known brands. The skills and experience he gained have been put toward developing the Refresh brand into what is now a world leading franchise business.
Jon Bridge

Jon Bridge

Jon is the co-founder of Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping. He puts his qualifications and experience in marketing, business consultancy and IT into growing the brands and has played a key role in the local international achievements. Jon holds a masters degree in marketing with first class honors and has supported multiple businesses through their expansion.

Is an Oncore franchise right for you?

  • Build a significant business asset
  • Join a company with an established client base within a growing market
  • Receive ongoing business growth and marketing support from a large team of specialists
  • No experience necessary
  • Receive full initial training and ongoing coaching and support
  • Control your income
  • No industry experience necessary - just a friendly personality and the desire to build a successful business
  • Great customer service skills
  • Strong ability to manage people and projects
  • Marketing and sales focused
  • Fantastic management skills
  • Professional and well presented
  • Business driven
  • Initial meeting and Oncore presentation
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement & submit an information request
  • Complete your commercial due diligence
  • Be offered a franchise territory, following a 2nd meeting
  • Finalise your legal due diligence & sign contracts
  • Receive world class training & support in establishing your business!

For more information, or to arrange a meeting and presentation, get in touch today.