The Bay of Plenty has eight major rivers, countless estuaries, and over 260 km of coastline making properties vulnerable to high tides, storm surges and the overflow of inland waterways as well. If your home or property has been affected by flooding or water damage, get in touch with the restoration experts at Oncore.

Why work with Oncore for your flood restoration?

As a homeowner, it’s advisable to be prepared for anything but the reality is that floods take everyone by surprise, no matter how prepared one may be. Despite your best efforts and precautionary measures, floods can wreak havoc on your home and landscape, from cracked foundations and destroyed pathways to soggy plasterboard and fried electrical.

At Oncore, we say ‘one call does it all’ because we mean it. Our extended network of repair and maintenance professionals include specialists and general contractors from a variety of trades to ensure that no matter what kind of jobs your flood restoration project includes, we know the right people for the job.

Any questions, concerns, or requests, can be expressed directly to an Oncore Branch Owner who will be working directly with you to coordinate your flood restoration, bridging the gap between you and the talented team working behind the scenes to refurbish your property. This direct line of contact limits the opportunity for miscommunication and helps keep your property maintenance experience stress-free and within budget.

What should you do if your property has flooded?

Safety is paramount, so ensure everyone in your household is out of harm’s way and secure potential hazards. Shut off electricity at the source if you can do so without coming into contact with flood waters.

Once the appropriate safety measures are in place, clean-up can begin. Before you move anything, document all damage; your insurer will request photo evidence as part of your claim. Move porous items such as clothing, rugs, and small furniture to a dry space and utilise fans and dehumidifiers to decrease moisture on a larger scale.

What flood restoration services does Oncore provide in the Bay of Plenty?

How your property has been damaged by flood waters will affect what kind of restoration services you need. At Oncore, we aim to provide a streamlined and straightforward process by offering a comprehensive range of flood restoration services from wall and flooring repair to electrical upgrades and joinery replacement.

Our flood restoration services include:

  • Flood restoration
  • Flood debris removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Home flood damage repair
  • GIB plasterboard replacements
  • Flood damage insurance works
  • Remedial work
  • Carpet water damage
  • Mould removal/remediation
  • Floor replacements
  • Reconstruction

How much will it cost for water damage restoration in the Bay of Plenty?

The cost of flood restoration depends on several factors; for example, the size of the area to be restored, severity of damage, and water class type. But, working with Oncore, you’ll always receive a fixed quote for the proposed scope of work before beginning so you know exactly what to expect.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Oncore Branch Owner.

Can you claim water damage on home insurance?

Yes, but it depends on your specific policy so it’s best to consult your provider to learn more about your coverage if you’re unsure. The Oncore Bay of Plenty team is happy to assist with the claims process by providing restoration quotes to your insurer.

Need flood restoration services?

Let the experts at Oncore in the Bay of Plenty take the stress out of your flood restoration process. Get in touch with your local Oncore Branch Owner to arrange a consultation.