Floods come on quickly but their effects last much longer. From buckling floors to foundational cracks, the damage can be far reaching. If your home has been affected by flooding, trust the repair and maintenance experts at Oncore to help with your property restoration. Get in touch with a local Rodney Oncore Branch Owner to arrange a consultation.

Why work with Oncore for your flood restoration?

Repairs and flood restoration are not one-size-fits-all. They often require numerous projects with multiple tradespeople on site at one time and, at Oncore, that’s our specialty; providing property owners with uncomplicated and stress-free maintenance projects.

No matter how many contractors or specialists are needed to get your job done, one of our Oncore Branch Owners will be your single point of contact at all times. This direct line of communication helps everyone stay on the same page so your flood restoration can be completed on time and within budget. And, when it comes to flooding, addressing problems quickly is essential to avoiding long-term, widespread damage.

What to do if your property has flooded

There are a few immediate actions to take if your property floods. After ensuring everyone in your household is safe and hazards, such as electricity, are secure, you can begin clearing as much excess water as possible. It may be tempting to move and save everything, but you must take photos of all your potentially damaged assets so you can forward them to your insurance provider later on.

Once you’ve appropriately documented the damage, you can move to dry out your space as quickly as possible; moving items out of the water’s reach, hanging clothing and rugs to dry, encouraging ventilation whether through open windows or dehumidifiers and fans. The sooner you can get in touch with an Oncore restoration specialist, the better. Addressing water damage early is the key to mitigating long-lasting damage.

What flood restoration services does Oncore provide in Rodney?

Damage caused by water and floods can be unpredictable and affect properties differently. As your one stop shop for flood restoration, Oncore offers a comprehensive range of services at every stage ranging from debris removal to reinstatement works.

Our flood restoration services include:

  • Flood restoration
  • Flood debris removal
  • Water damage restoration
  • Home flood damage repair
  • GIB plasterboard replacements
  • Flood damage insurance works
  • Remedial work on a house
  • Carpet water damage
  • Mould removal/remediation
  • Floor replacements
  • Reconstruction

How much will it cost for water damage restoration in Rodney?

Costs related to flooding and water damage vary depending on the severity, damaged materials, and general scope of restoration needed. You’ll receive a fixed quote for your specific project prior to beginning so you can make informed decisions about moving forward.

*Costs are rough estimates and are subject to change. For a fixed-quote accurate to your specific project, please consult your local Oncore Branch Owner.

Can you claim water damage on home insurance?

That depends on your specific insurance policy. Make sure to check with your provider to determine the range of your coverage. Your Oncore Branch Owner will be happy to work with your insurance provider by offering quotes for the proposed scope of restoration work needed for your property.

Need emergency restoration?

Look no further than the experts at Oncore Rodney. Get in touch today to discuss your flood restoration project with a local Oncore Branch Owner.