When the hot water stops flowing and the toilet won’t flush, no one needs convincing that bathrooms are an essential facility within any home. At Oncore, we understand that speed and quality are equally important when it comes to bathroom repairs. That’s why we offer a one-stop shop approach to maintenance. One call does it all - so get in touch with your local Oncore Branch Owner for a free consultation to discuss your bathroom repair needs.

The Oncore Experience

Homeownership can feel a bit like surfing at Fitzroy Beach. One day you’ve caught every big wave going; the next, you’re telling yourself that a bad day surfing is still better than a good day at work.

Even if you’re handy with the tools, it can be difficult to manage bathroom repairs on your own. Take advantage of Oncore’s comprehensive approach to home maintenance and stop worrying. We’re here to help.

From repairs and maintenance to ventilation and Healthy Homes compliance work, there’s a reason our motto is “one call does it all”. Our Oncore Branch Owners provide comprehensive customer support and expert project management so you know the process will be seamless.

Once we receive your enquiry, an Oncore Branch Owner will visit your property to assess the bathroom issues and conduct an in-depth consultation to get a well-rounded understanding of what your goals are. You’ll be presented with a quote for the work so there are no surprises, and everyone is on the same page before work begins. From there, your Oncore Branch Owner will coordinate highly qualified and experienced plumbers, electricians, and other bathroom contractors to complete your project swiftly and efficiently.

And, if you think of any additional projects that lie outside the initial scope of work, discuss these with your Oncore Branch Owner. They’ll handle the rest because, at Oncore, one call truly does it all.

What Bathroom Repair Services does Oncore Provide in New Plymouth?

How often does a Taranaki home maintenance project involve a single trade or speciality? Nearly never. Hence our extensive array of bathroom repair services. From patching and waterproofing to re-lining and re-tiling, we work with leading bathroom contractors to ensure that whatever issues you’re facing with your bathroom, we have the expertise on hand to get the job done.

Our Bathroom Repair Services Include:

  • Gib Installation, Gib Stopping, and Painting
  • Ventilation Installation
  • Mirror Installation
  • Leak Repairs
  • Flooring Reinstatements and Installation
  • Tiling and Brickwork
  • Wallpaper Hanging
  • Window and Joinery Repairs and Reinstatement
  • Bathroom Plumbing and Gasfitting
  • Bathroom Waterproofing
  • Skylight Installation
  • Bathroom Ceiling Installation and Painting
  • Bathroom Lighting Installation

Let us take the pressure off

When you don’t have the time or the skills, we’re here to help. Oncore offers no-obligation consultations, so get in touch with a local Oncore Branch Owner to discuss your New Plymouth maintenance project.