The Healthy Homes initiative requires all New Zealand rental properties to comply with the five components of the Healthy Homes standards. Unsure if your Wellington property is compliant? At Oncore, we offer comprehensive Healthy Homes inspections, and if your property needs any improvements, we’ll help you get them sorted.

Instead of calling an independent inspector, then multiple tradespeople, just call Oncore. We’re your one-stop shop for Healthy Homes Assessments in Wellington. Get in touch today to organise an inspection with a local Oncore expert.

What is a healthy home?

The goal of the Healthy Homes initiative is to ensure all New Zealanders have a safe and comfortable place to live, even if they’re renting. The focus on rental properties is particularly important as they’re often in poorer condition than owner-occupied homes.

“Cold, damp, and mouldy” are terms often associated with Wellington homes. They’re also things a Healthy Home shouldn't be. Proper ventilation and drainage, two of the Healthy Homes pillars, will help combat the damp nature of Wellington homes. Not only will this benefit your household, but it will also benefit your property.

Well ventilated homes are warm, dry, and less susceptible to moisture damage, moulds, dust mites, and mildew. In addition, having appropriate drainage in place will help prevent roof rot and, ultimately, needing to replace your roof. So while protecting your family or tenants’ health is of the utmost importance, protecting your investment isn’t a bad bonus.

What is a Healthy Homes Assessment?

In short, a Healthy Homes Assessment requires inspecting a property to check if it complies with Healthy Home Standards, and if it doesn’t, to evaluate what improvements are required.

Healthy Homes compliance considers five elements; heating, ventilation, insulation, draught stopping, and moisture drainage and ingress. Here at Oncore, our contractors are proud to provide Healthy Homes Assessments across Wellington, as well as take care of any improvements necessary to get your property up to standard.

How does Oncore’s Healthy Homes Assessment work?

Complying with mandatory government regulations can be confusing, but you don’t have to do it on your own. Reaching out to Oncore is the first step to making sure your property is up to Healthy Homes standards.

After receiving your query, we will arrange for a maintenance specialist to inspect your property. Upon completion of your Healthy Homes inspection, we’ll inform you of any improvements that need to be made, along with a free quote. And should your property require any maintenance, repairs, or installations, your local Oncore team can handle it all for you.

Our outstanding customer service makes achieving Healthy Homes compliance a breeze. From inspection through to improvements, Oncore is the easiest option for healthy home inspections in Wellington.

Our Healthy Homes Assessments inspect:

  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture ingress and drainage
  • Draught stopping

Ready to protect your property?

Keep your household healthy and your investment safe. At Oncore, we offer the easiest solution for achieving Healthy Homes compliance, from inspection to undertaking improvements. Get in touch to arrange a Healthy Homes Assessment.