Across New Zealand, rental properties must comply with Healthy Homes standards. What does this mean exactly? Your rental property must meet the Healthy Homes standards for insulation, heating, ventilation, draught stopping, and moisture ingress and drainage.

What regulations apply to your property will vary depending on its size and type, be it an apartment or freestanding home. This can be confusing to wrap your head around. But it’s important to get it right – especially if you want to avoid a hefty fine.

Let the experts at Oncore take the lead in ensuring your property complies with Healthy Homes standards. We make it easy by providing inspections and professional assistance to undertake any necessary improvements. If you need a Healthy Homes Assessment in the North Shore or simply have some questions, get in touch. We’re here to help!

What is a healthy home?

The Healthy Homes initiative was enacted to protect the health and well-being of all New Zealand renters. Often, rental properties do not have the same expectations of quality as owner-occupied homes. To combat this issue, the government mandates that all tenant occupied homes be compliant with Healthy Homes standards.

Not only are Healthy Homes more comfortable to live in, but they’re also safer. For example, without proper ventilation (one of the Healthy Homes standards), mould can develop inside your home and will often go undetected, becoming harmful to your health.

In addition to health and safety benefits, the Healthy Homes initiative also considers environmental sustainability. The insulation standard, for instance, helps homes maintain comfortable temperatures, thus reducing the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. And what’s more, using less energy means spending less money, giving homeowners regular monthly savings.

What is a Healthy Homes Assessment?

In short, a Healthy Homes Assessment requires inspecting a property to evaluate if any improvements are needed to make it compliant with Healthy Home Standards.

Inspections will consider all five aspects of the Healthy Homes standards; heating, ventilation, insulation, draught stopping, and moisture drainage and ingress. For more information about Healthy Homes services, learn more here.

How does Oncore’s Healthy Homes Assessment work?

The Healthy Homes initiative may seem daunting, but don’t let it deter you from ensuring your property is compliant – we’re here to help.

Oncore’s streamlined process makes it easy to get your home or rental property assessed and compliant. It all begins by arranging an evaluation of your property, after which your contractor will let you know of any necessary modifications and give you a quote.

There is no need to worry about organising tradespeople; we provide complete project management throughout the process, including coordination of any improvements your property may need. Providing you with high-quality services, superior customer service, and clear communication is our top priority.

Our Healthy Homes Assessments inspect:

  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture ingress and drainage
  • Draught stopping

Ready to arrange an inspection?

Oncore is your go-to for professional assistance with achieving Health Homes compliance in the North Shore. Get in touch today to book your assessment.