Waikato is one of New Zealand’s most geographically and culturally diverse areas. It is home to some of the richest agricultural zones and features NZ’s renowned dairy and horse racing industries. The district embraces relaxation and enjoyment, drawing many homeowners towards lifestyle living.

In contrast, Waikato’s largest city, Hamilton, is vibrant and diverse, with a population of over 140,000, making it New Zealand’s 4th largest city. Located just 90 minutes from the bottom of Auckland, Hamilton features a wide array of attractions including: an internationally acclaimed garden and zoo, an aquatic center, the Waikato Museum, Waikato University, as well as award-winning cafes, bars, and eateries.

When it comes to housing, Waikato is lucky to have a myriad of choices—from modern homes to lifestyle properties. Oncore offers its renowned repair and maintenance services in the Waikato region, including but not limited to the Flagstaff, Rototuna, Horsham Downs, Huntington, Te Papa, Hamilton East, Hamilton City, Frankton, Maeroa, Hillcrest, Chartwell, Queenswood, Melville areas.

Flagstaff and Rototuna have recently had a boom in modern homes and subdivisions on what used to be farmland. Popular choices here include modern brick homes, as well as stucco and tile homes. Melville and Glenview on the other hand features both modern state houses and larger modern homes. The variety in these areas ensure there is something for every homeowner, and if there’s something you don’t like, there’s no lack of home improvement options!

Chartwell is home to 1970’s brick and tile houses ranging from modest three bedrooms to more luxurious five bedroom, double living homes. Residents here often struggle with their outdated basement and garage spaces, and are recently opting in for modern additions such as ensuites.

Hamilton East is known for its 20th century villas and bungalows, often purchased by those to appreciate the nostalgic era. However, many homeowners have to make countless repairs before the home can be modernized. Those looking to preserve the original aesthetic also need to take extra measures when it comes to maintenance. Hamilton CBD on the other hand features 1920s and 1930s homes, often in need of home improvement to adapt to the times. Around the lake, you’re likely to find character homes, as well as ex-state owned homes. As these homes are almost a century old, the area is a hotspot for home repairs and improvement projects.

Meanwhile, Franklin hosts a selection of character homes that used to be railway cottages in the 1920s. The aesthetic is very similar to bungalows from the American West Coast and feature Georgian facades. This is vastly different to Hillcrest, which is home to the students of Waikato University, often living in renovated 1960s vintage weatherboard houses.

The Oncore Waikato team is made up of professionals who take pride in managing the entire repair and maintenance project from beginning to end. These specialists ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

If you are a property owner or landlord in the Waikato region, Oncore can ensure your rental property meets the Healthy Homes Standards. We provide a full inspection to check whether your heating, insulation, ventilation, drainage, and draught stopping is up to standards, and make any repairs or upgrades necessary to get your property Healthy Homes compliant!

For homeowners who are looking to modernize their home by installing a new kitchen, are in need of regular property maintenance to ensure the original aesthetic of their home remains intact, or are looking to make functional repairs and changes to their new home, Oncore can get it done!

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