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Home Maintenance in Rotorua

Home Maintenance in Rotorua

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If you are looking for property maintenance services near you, Oncore Rotorua can help.

Your local Oncore Owner can take care of your property’s repairs, installations and maintenance with the support of a trusted team. Whether you are just interested in a home inspection at this point or in carrying out a wide range of repairs all at once, Oncore has you covered.

Famous for its skyline, luge and mud pools (among other awesome attractions), Rotorua is a great place to be out and about in the summer. However, in the colder months, you want your Rotorua home to be healthy, warm and safe. Whatever style of home you live in, your local Oncore team can bring it back to a comfortable and enjoyable standard by carrying out a range of services such as insulation, leak repairs, gutter clearing and much, much more.

Your local Oncore team can also support you in bringing your property up to the 2021 Healthy Homes Standards. This includes an initial inspection as well as carrying out all works to ensure your property’s insulation, heating, ventilation and moisture reduction is up to standard.

Oncore Owners are experts at providing exceptional customer service, quality teams and high-quality property maintenance solutions. If you would like some support, get in touch today.

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For more information on how Oncore’s Rotorua team can support you in keeping your property maintained and healthy, get in touch for a free consultation.


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