Oncore Owner Donovan Volschenk is a hands-on project manager who leads by example. As a tradie at one point himself, his experience has been cultivated from the ground up. Starting as an electrician on simple jobs worth $100, he worked his way up to projects valued at upwards of one million dollars. So for Donovan, no job is too big or small and each one deserves the same high level of workmanship and professionalism.

Working alongside his wife, fellow Oncore Owner Tracy Volschenk, he aims to instil confidence and certainty within the relationships he forms with all of his customers. Transparent communication is of the utmost importance and Donovan says he’s always only “a phone call away”. He’s happy to meet you on site to get a full idea of your requirements and invites you to get in touch to discuss the goals for your next home improvement project.

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