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Home Maintenance in Tauranga

Home Maintenance in Tauranga

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Oncore’s Tauranga team will repair and maintain your property to a high standard, ensuring you receive a friendly and professional service every step of the way.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Tauranga? With popular beaches, peaceful nature reserves and a bustling city centre; the region really does have something to offer everyone. That being said, seaside living can have an impact on Tauranga homes. Whether you are a homeowner or landlord, Oncore’s Tauranga team will leave your property in an improved condition.

Famous for its beaches and summer festivals, Tauranga is increasingly becoming one of New Zealand’s most sought after locations for families, professionals and retirees. There is a wide range of house styles in the region, and it’s not uncommon to come across older gems in need of a few modern updates. This might be through insulation, moisture reduction or improved heating for those cool winter months. The city provides plenty of opportunities for first-home buyers and property investors to opt for doer-uppers at an affordable price.

If you are a landlord or property investor, it’s important to be aware that new Healthy Homes Standards will be coming into effect in 2021. Oncore can assist you with bringing your property up to these standards through a property inspection followed by any updates your home may require. Oncore also specialises in providing homeowners with insurance repairs and can manage multiple repairs and tradespeople on your behalf.

Your local, experienced property maintenance specialist Cameron Ironside will be happy to support you through any maintenance and repair work your property may require. For more information on your local team, be sure to check out our team’s profiles.

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Meet the Home Maintenance in Tauranga team

Cameron Ironside

Oncore Owner

Cameron Ironside has lived in and around the Tauranga area for 8 years, and currently lives in Omokoroa with his family (wife Michelle and two children). The Ironsides have become chameleons of sorts, having travelled the world extensively before settling down in New Zealand and living in a range of housing types along the way. While he has been a Refresh Renovations business owner for 2 years, he has recently joined the Oncore team. Cameron hasn’t always worked in the renovation or maintenance sector – but he’s always dabbled. Originally from South Africa, Cameron is a lawyer by trade and ran a successful legal practice in Cape Town for 10 years. While living in South Africa, Cameron had a portfolio of properties that he managed and renovated. At the same time, his wife ran an interior painting company that employed only females. “In South Africa, there is some risk in inviting people into your house, so Michelle was able to offer a much gentler service,” says Cameron. “We found that the women we hired had more attention to detail and offered a better service when it came to painting interiors.” Cameron went on to complete an MBA at Edinburgh University, staying in the UK for 4 years. While living in London, he started working for a New Zealand company in the hydro-power sector, managing projects that focused on developing nations. After making the move to New Zealand permanently, Cameron made the switch from the hydropower sector to the renovations industry in 2017 which, despite the two sounding very different, complemented Cameron’s skill set perfectly. If you would like to learn more about how Cameron and his team can provide you with property maintenance solutions, please get in touch today.